Top 10 Content Marketing Software: Ratings and Reviews

Among thousands of content marketing softwares in the world we review and rank the best tools which can help you in proper website analysis and marketing. Choose according to your suitability and enhance your business.

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What is a content marketing software?

Content Marketing has high reaches. The journey to excellent content does not end with content creation, actually it starts from there. And then comes, distribution of content, analysis of traffic it drives and then reforming the content strategy. The loop runs infinitely. We can control the future of our website just by implementing a correct content marketing plan. And what better place to start with than Virtuous Reviews. Here you will find top content marketing platforms which help you with content creation, improvement, automation and management.

Without content marketing software, the task is very daunting. It is difficult to know what people are interested in today, how your content can reach to them and why some of your posts are more popular than other. All this analysis is a child’s play for software. You can get the idea for content, can know the peak times when content are read by the people, can promote it to different platforms, optimize the posts and know the volume of traffic each post is bringing you.

Since a single software can help you with a ton of things, we do not think you need more inspiration to try out one of the content marketing tool we are providing. After all content is no more a king, despite has became a whole kingdom.

Why do we need a content marketing software?

  • Helps you to setup a proper marketing strategy as it is the first step before starting any campaign.
  • Provides you a detailed description of your targeted audience.
  • You can do the auditing of your content without any manual process.


  • Integrated with editorial calendar - Today's softwares come with inbuilt calendars so that your production and delivery can be scheduled.
  • Softwares ranked here include tools for creative development.
  • Includes features for collaborating on content that is created internally or commissioned from external sources.


  • Content marketing software helps contributors and editors to identify ways to strengthen content quality in ways that improve readability, increase engagement, and optimize the content for search engines.
  • Proper content marketing tools accurately measure content impact on lead generation and sales.