Enterprise Marketing Management Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 enterprise marketing management software. Accelerate your success with the best marketing software that helps you get the most from your enterprise marketing management solutions.

Enterprise marketing management (EMM) software is used to provide, monitor and maintain a promotional structure across a large organisation. It includes campaign management, customer experience management and management of marketing resources. EMM consists of other marketing software categories such as Web Analytics, Campaign Management, Digital Asset Management, Web Content Management, Marketing Resource Management, Marketing Dashboards, Lead Management, Event-driven Marketing, Predictive Modelling and more. Enterprise Marketing Management allows for corporations to put in place a baseline of their operations that will allow them to begin evolution towards a holistic solution that incorporates customer experience, expectation and brand value associated with Marketing Technologies.


  • Campaign management across all channels (social media, Web, mobile, traditional)
  • Customer experience management (pre-sale research, post-sale follow-up, and so on)
  • Analysis of campaigns, including conversions and other important factors
  • Management of marketing resources (budgets, people and so on)


  • Improved collaboration
  • Increased efficiency and visibility across the entire marketing function
  • Reduced total cost of ownership