Link Shortening Tools Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 link shortening tools that offers free URL redirection service. The best small link maker turns a long URL into a much shorter one.

Link or URL shortening tools are used to create shorter and easier-to-read URLs that redirect to a web page. The shortened link is useful for social media networks where the number of characters is limited, such as Twitter. Link shortening tools also provide analytics and click tracking on the shortened links. Many social media management software products provide link shortening functionality natively and/or integrate with standalone link shortening tools.


  • They can track and compile click data
  • Makes links more manageable
  • Transform into social media services
  • Promotes sharing


  • Ability To Track The Performance
  • Uses Less of Your Precious Characters
  • Higher Click Through Rate
  • People Are Used To Them