Top 10 Marketing Intelligence Software: Ratings and Reviews

For a fast and effective marketing you need an automated business intelligence system and we have prepared a list of these top online competitive tools to help you out. Choose any one of them for the best analysis and monitoring of your business and marketing.


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What is a Marketing Intelligence software?

Marketing Intelligence is like hiring a detective to investigate a suspect. But in this case, the list of your suspects, meaning your customers is too long. Thus a person cannot do it. Then what can you do? Download software, as simple as that. With so many already available marketing tools in the market, why there is one more and with a fancy name. Marketing intelligence software is more than a fancy name. It is an analytic and data collecting software, upon which all of our strategies are based on. They creep through various data available at the internet like forums, call centre data, user reviews, sales data, social media, Google analytics etc. and report back with the analysis on which the future plan is deployed.

Virtuous Reviews supports the idea of great marketing because- good marketing makes company look smart, but a great marketing makes customer feel smart. With the data collected by these software, customer behaviour can be identified and specific customer is targeted with the specific product of his choice. In short, marketers can understand their audiences and serve them better.

With the growing company sales and confusing customer behaviour, it becomes hard for a person to handle that much data. So it is an ‘intelligent’ move to use marketing intelligence software.

Why do we need a Marketing Intelligence software?

  • Your business is not going to be stagnant. Its dynamic and will expand. So, a perfect business intelligence system can be used to look at any aspect of your business.
  • Not only the production but it can also be used to see how well your sales efforts are going.
  • It can be used to assess the efficiency of your manufacturing processes.
  • It can be used to measure staff performance.


  • Single customer view - Marketing, sales promotion, pricing, competitor activity and service can all result in more sales and this software provides all in a single suite.
  • These systems pull together all of the relevant data sources in your organisation and make it easily accessible through a unique interface.


  • Informed decisions is no more a hectic task. A business intelligence system is capable of managing so.
  • It’s a well crafted way for growing revenue.
  • It makes your business more competitive and involves others too including larger businesses.
  • It improves the efficiency of your  business operations.
  • It enhances the quality of customer service.