Predictive Analytics Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 predictive analytics software. Select the best data analytics that uses data mining, machine learning and statistics techniques to extract information from data sets to determine patterns and trends and predict future outcomes.

Predictive Analytics are used to analyze current data and historical facts in order to better understand customers, products and partners and to identify potential risks and opportunities. Predictive analytics platforms tend to be very complex products and require advanced skill sets in order to use them effectively, but the general way in which they work is not difficult to grasp. The basis for good predictive outcomes is good data.


  • A clear business objective
  • Defined performance metrics
  • Specific behaviour of interest
  • Identified resource allocation decision


  • Predictive search helps determine that by analyzing past click-through behaviour, preferences, and history in real-time.
  • Makes it easier to determine the right product recommendation or promotion that will help close a sale.
  • Predictive analytics analyzes pricing trends in correlation with sales information to determine the right prices at the right time to maximize revenue and profit.