Product Management Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews brings forth the list of top 10 Product Management Software which offers a holistic solution for product managers. Choose the best Product Management or Product marketing Software that allows you to manage product vision, goals, product roadmap, timelines,  and requirements.

Product Management is believed to be a cocktail of responsibilities spanning across functions like business analysis, product design, project management, negotiation, leadership, marketing and sales, by having a vision for the product. Product Management software allows you to manage all the responsibilities and help product managers manage market requirements and specifically collation and prioritization of feature requests, and map them to product releases. Product managers are also responsible for developing a company-wide, go-to--market plan, and product management software typically involves templates and tools to assist with this activity.


  • Build a Business Model - Business Model Builder to describe your key value proposition, go-to-market plans, resources, and how you will pursue your objectives.
  • Track Goals - Highlight your objectives and KPIs by product that you plan on achieving. Track your goals so the team knows how they are performing against them.
  • Align Strategic Initiatives - Identify your key strategic initiatives and map them to your goals. Initiatives allow you to explain the high level efforts that you will invest in.
  • Monitor Competitors - Create in-depth profiles on key competitors and share the info with the team.


  • Strategy Puts Business Goals First - Set your product vision based on the market and customers. And then define how you will win by mapping key strategic imperatives to your features and releases.
  • Visual Roadmaps Keep Everyone in Sync - Define your upcoming sprints or releases and help the team visualize what’s coming.
  • Crowd-source ideas - Empower customers, employees, and other stakeholders to submit ideas that you can actually act on. Capture them all in one place, visualize their priority, and promote the ones that matter to features.
  • Set Product Positioning and Lead the Team - enables you to collaborate with your team to build great products. Start by defining how your product should be described and positioned to win in market.