Social Login Tools Reviews

Virtuous Reviews lists the top 10 Social Login tools that make it easy for the website and mobile users to easily register and login on your site. You can choose the best Social Login Tool allowing you to start delivering personalized experiences that build deeper relationships.

Social Login, or social sign-on, is a relatively new class of software that allows a visitor to a website or a potential or present customer to an online store to instantaneously register for a personal account with the service provider using their pre-existing social network identities from Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Apart from the obvious benefit of easing and speeding registration for one's customers, the process intrinsically connects the customer's social sphere, and all the information in this realm, to the merchant's knowledge of that customer. Useful, for guiding more intelligent advertising efforts.


  • Support for the 30+ Social Networks - Provide users the option to register or sign-in to your site with the click of a button with an existing identity from one of 30+ networks, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo!
  • Increase Registrations & Customer Acquisition - Makes it easy for consumers to register and grant your business access to the first-party identity data you need to deliver relevance and drive ROI across channels and campaigns.
  • Keep your data updated - Automatically retrieve a fresh copy of profile data each time a customer signs in to your site, or access fresh data at any time.
  • Optimized for all Devices - Automatically adjust to the orientation and resolution of your mobile website, and include SDKs to easily extend social login to your mobile app.


  • Make signing in a seamless process on any device
  • Incentivize logins with a connected experience
  • Strike a balance between privacy and personalization