Top 10 Social Media Monitoring Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with top 10 Social Media Monitoring Software all over the world. These social media dashboard offers a wide range of functionality for listening, tracking, network monitoring, analytic and collecting relevant information across social media using numerous tools.



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Social Media Monitoring is a small but very dominant part of social media management. It basically includes listening to people’s chat; what they are saying about your brand or products you deal in. The monitoring tools scan social media for emerging opportunities, competitor’s activities and possible upcoming crises. Knowing the importance of social media, Virtuous Reviews has showcased all the social media monitoring software to help businesses reach new heights.

Monitoring social media is like investigating, to tie up the loose ends of marketing plans. And on the contrary to name, the tools not only crawl through social media, but also blogs, forums, news sites etc. Some tools monitor these places in real time, while some on hourly basis or daily basis, based on the importance of platform for the business. These smart tools also cut the clutter and gather only relevant info that can help in marketing. The data collected can be used for researching and decision making.

A lot of tools are available for monitoring the internet today. The definition of ‘best’ really depends on your objective. Although all tools seem similar on the surface, but varies in functionalities. Anyhow, the software mentioned here are popular and here to stay, not to die out soon.

How does Social Media Monitoring works?

  • These social media monitoring tools are somewhat similar to the spiders used by search engines which crawl web pages. These tools fetch out the accessible contents of web pages in real-time.
  • Social listening tools search those web pages that has “mentions” of specific keywords and then report them to you so that you can get related coming which could help you.


  • Quickly recognize who is talking about your company, products, employees, services and more.
  • Most easy way to analyze positive and negative sentiments accurately and quickly.
  • It performs the foremost activities such as listen, engage, analyze and more at best prices.


  • By listening to the problems of customers and getting their pain points, companies can easily identify unmet requirements of customers and can develop more focused strategies.
  • Companies can easily Identify the areas in business process that may required to be developed, or improved.
  • By monitoring social media, companies can identify area which could threaten business.
  • Companies can recognise which kind of product is working well and then can develop new ones and also can find sales opportunities.