Top 10 Convenience Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 gas stations and convenience stores in the world. To manage the inventory of your business select the best back office software for the gas station and convenience stores.

If the gas station management is combined with the convenience store, that you generally find, the need for robust maintenance just doubles. Inventory management is the biggest challenge for both the gas stations and convenience stores.

Due to ups and down in the price of gasoline, Gas stations need to do a continuous change in their pricing database, which is more fluctuating than in any other retail business. Using this software, gas stations can easily track cost and profit margin, compliance reports and security of the station against transaction frauds. Convenience stores can manage spoiled products which cannot be used, deposit the beverage bottles, maintain up to date employee audit and inventory and merchandising from the back office. Thus, you can decide your future strategy and be updated according to the market requirement. This software provide full control over the pumps like start, stop, pause, lock and authorize, thus speeding up transaction processing.

It is easy to manage the shift of the staff effectively and accurately. In the case of a fraudulent transaction or any other problem, the whole incident gets recorded on the CCTV camera, saving retailers from the possible loss. If you own a convenience store of the gas station, you should definitely try out one of the software, we are suggesting, your business maintenance will become so much easy.

How to choose the best gas station/ convenience store?

Choose the Right Software First

Make sure that the one item – gas station management software – that you need to collect money, control devices and record back to you how you performing is decided upon first! Software should be selected first because it has both hardware and operating system requirements. If you choose the right software first, you can then ask the software company about their recommended hardware and operating systems to ensure a fully integrated system and fewer costs down the line.

Buy From One Source

If you buy hardware and software from different companies you could run into some frustrating situations. For example, when you have a problem and call for support, the “blame game” could begin. The software company will blame the hardware company, the hardware company will blame the computer company, and the computer company will blame the software company.

Look for Industry-Specific Software

You need software that’s tailored for your industry, and there are not that many available systems.

Don’t Forget the Miscellaneous Items

When you’re reviewing and comparing price quotes, you need to consider the miscellaneous items in your list of requirements. While POS companies like us include everything, other companies will leave certain items out of their quote and these extra features can quickly add up.


  • Flexible price management
  • Shift management
  • Staff empowerment


  • Streamline inventory management
  • Simplify daily operations
  • Monitors performance in real time