Top 10 Florist POS Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews bring forth the list of top 10 florist POS software in the world. The florists manage inventory at their flower shops with the help of the best flower shop software.

Florist software helps florists takes back control of their business, avoid wire service entanglements and expenses, and increase sales and profits while saving them time and money.

The most crucial part of florist business is inventory management because literally; the whole inventory is perishable. Moreover, the whole business is dependent on the relationship management; relation with regular customers, supplier and fellow florists.

Using POS software for florist shops, you can keep tabs on your flowers; their proper management like some are to be placed in buckets, some in vases and some in special packaging. So, you can track which flowers and packing are out of stock. In addition, you can track damaged flowers or flowers which will be spoiled soon, so that you can order accordingly. They store the information of customers and send wishes on special occasions and alert them in advance to buy flowers. As a very helpful feature, they can also tell you about the optimized route to the delivery address. You can also put the enclosure cards on your flowers.

A florist can track real opportunities by collaborating with candy stores, wedding planners, funeral homes and caterers. If any order is too big to handle, you can take help from other florists in the area too. Your one POS software can do it all for you.

What should be considered while choosing a Florist POS Software?

Is there a contract or commitment?

Almost any POS system designed for retail florists is going to involve some ongoing (monthly, yearly, etc.) fees so the length of any contract or agreement that you sign is critical. If you realise two months into a five-year agreement that you don’t like the system you still have almost 60 payments ahead of you. And if you close or sell your store you likely have to buy out the entire contract.

Is there any up-front cost involved?

If you do choose a system that involves an up-front investment you need to be careful. First, make sure that you have an absolutely clear understanding of the total cost of getting a system up and running. Do not leave any potential cost “to be determined”. The expenses involved with having an installer and/or trainer come to your store and stay for a week or more can be very high.

What future development is planned for the POS system?

Most importantly you want to make sure that a system is undergoing continued development. To be sure you should ask for details (in writing) of the development taking place, new features being implemented, release dates, etc.


  • Pricing - POS system for florists introduce an easy-to-understand, no-strings-attached pricing system.
  • Cloud-based - The cloud should be a business decision, not a religion. Florist  uses the cloud to make your POS better for your florist clients, not to reduce our costs


  • Credit/ debit card facility - You can use whatever credit/debit card processor/merchant services provider you like. You get the best deal.
  • Maximize marketing and advertising efforts - Powerful sale tracking tools in florist software help retail florists track performance and maximize advertising and marketing budgets.