Top 10 Hardware Store POS Software: Ratings and Reviews

We set forth the top hardware management software in the world to help you in inventory management and PC auditing. There are many other important functions carried out by this tool. So, choose from the best and take care of your assets.

What is a hardware management software?

hether you have a big business or small; retail, wholesale or contract, one software is enough to manage your sales, orders, inventory, accounting, and estimating and customer relationship.

Through these software, you can maintain a list of all the available items; at store and at warehouse, so there is no need to go and check personally. Some items are sold by weight or length; software can judge the cost and update the inventory accordingly. It estimates the total cost of customer order according to the requirement and if customer give the nod, it prints the sales receipt. It maintains a list of contractors and self employed workers, so that when customer asks, you can provide contractor’s details. It Deals efficiently with work orders and pre orders; when order is ready,customer is alerted. It maintains a separate list of all the items that requires material safety data sheet.

It can be integrated with warehouse and rental management systems.Customer relationship is very important for hardware businesses; we have included only those software that can build a strong relationship with customers by providing world class user experience.

Why do we need a Hardware Management Software?

  • This software will reduce the cost of hardware, by tracking the performance of each device and ensuring they are being used up to their end of life.
  • A hardware management software carries out various processes such as financial, contractual, maintenance and inventory functions.
  • Automates asset discovery and tracking.


  • Tickets tracking - This software is able to track and trend any kind of incident an outage.
  • Generates reports - They have  the capacity to review the existing tickets and generate reports for IT and stakeholders.
  • Increased efficiency and profitability - IT departments can collaborate with each other and carry out the work process faster.


  • Saves money in stocking and restocking inventory.
  • You can keep track of not just current stock levels, but what's incoming from pending purchase orders.
  • Top solutions scale with your business perfectly.