Top 10 Liquor Store POS Software: Ratings and Reviews

Managing the inventory and other tasks of your liquor store is the most hectic work you go through. It's better to choose the best liquor POS software from the list of top bar POS systems ranked by us.

What is a Liquor store software?

Inventory Management is the biggest challenge for liquor stores, many items, much competition and even more regulations. Using POS software, you will notice positive changes in your business; check out process will be faster, easy watch over inventory flow and customers will be happier.

Now software helps you; by complying the inventory and drinks serving according to the law of the state. It integrates inventory with distributors,such that it becomes easy to place an order, just when particular liquor go out of stock. It checks the price time to time and applies discounts for special occasions. It also scans the ID of the buyer and keeps the record. In association with the security system, it saves the store from theft. Gift sets are becoming very popular, these software supports gift set sales for single price and inventory is updated accordingly.

It also helps in consolidating relationship with customers by providing loyalty programs and special discount on birthdays or anniversaries. Using Social media, it can improve marketing capabilities too.

Why do we need Liquor store software?

  • Better point of sale as it helps to engage more customers by providing the latest knowledge to your sales staff.
  • You can experience better inventory with the help of barcoding.
  • Helps you to reduce paperwork, streamline administrative processes and incorporate a higher level of security.


  • Multi store POS - With the help of this feature you can keep an eye on your operations from a single location and communicate business related information between branches.  
  • Mobile application - Mobile POS solutions help to sell more effectively and provide customers with an enhanced retail experience.
  • Business management - Provides with knowledge and control to get profits.


  • The software is helpful in scheduling the staff of your bar or store. Any last moment confusion is solved within seconds.
  • You can  handle the transactions of your liquor store sitting anywhere\ through your tab or phone.
  • You can inform your valuable visitors about any offer or sale through a personalized email.