Retail Management Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list of top 10 Retail Management software that manages and streamlines the core functions of your retail business. Choose the best Retail Management software solution that delivers the right mix of simplicity and features at an affordable price.

Retail Management systems are built to handle every stage of the retail process lifecycle across multiple channels. Retail Management solutions typically contain features such as point of sale, eCommerce, and order, financial, and inventory management capabilities. They can typically be deployed either through cloud or on-premise solutions.

With an integrated RMS, you can track and report on the entire lifecycle of an item in one system. From its start as part of an initial purchase order, to its receipt in the store or warehouse, as it is transferred between locations, when it is counted and recounted - and eventually as part of a sale from the POS. Using CRM functionality the retailer then can see who purchased the item and what they purchased along with it – and many other important data points.


  • In-Store POS - Provide a superior in-store experience with a modern POS that enables you to satisfy omnichannel shoppers and build customer loyalty.
  • Ecommerce - Deliver a consistent and personalized digital experience to consumers across any device.
  • CRM and Marketing - Get a single view of each customer across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Order Management - Allow shoppers to buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere.
  • Business Intelligence - Make smarter strategic decisions across all channels with real-time business intelligence.
  • Inventory and Supplier Management - Efficiently manage stock and your supplier network to better meet the demands of today's consumers.


  • Omnichannel-Ready - Deliver across the web, mobile, in-store and call-center channels in a single platform.
  • Real-time visibility into all facets of your business
  • Elimination of many IT maintenance and integration costs
  • Quicker, more efficient customer service and enhanced customer experience
  • Greater ability to upsell and cross-sell
  • Better communication among departments and more harmonized operations
  • Easy deployment of new applications and expansion of systems to new physical locations or channels