Vendor Management Software Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides the list of top 10 Vendor Management Software you need to automate all categories of your flexible workforce. Choose the best Vendor Management Software that enables you to organize vendor information and contracts, collaborate with other staff on compliance tasks, analyze vendor costs and risks, and keep tabs on vendor performance

A vendor management system (VMS) is an enterprise software platform that enables companies to control the process of procuring and managing a flexible workforce. VMSes are usually Internet-enabled and can be run on premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. They include features that companies use to search for, identify, on-board, track, and manage flexible workers. These are comprised of a few broader categories of workers: contingent or temporary workers, who generally perform jobs in limited time frames, such as filling in for a full-time employee who is out on leave; statement-of-work (SOW) workers, who are employed on a project for a defined time and scope, such as a programmer on an IT development project; and independent contractors or freelancers who work on a contractual basis that could be short or long-term.


  • Web-based, centralized repository
  • Formalized supplier vetting and performance management processes
  • Automated communications and supplier self-service on-boarding
  • Auto-alerting for expirations or renewals to supplier documentation
  • 2nd tier diversity spend reporting
  • ERP integration
  • A clear and simple-to-navigate user interface


  • Gain a detailed picture of your risk exposure from vendor relationships
  • Organize your vendors for easy review and access
  • Create a consistent standardized vendor management process to increases efficiencies
  • Centralize Reporting for greater decision making and resource management
  • Save Time, Effort and Cost by significantly reducing resources and expenses required to perform risk analyses and maintain vendor oversight
  • Deliver complete information to senior management for strategic decision making