Top 10 Logistics Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of world’s highly rated top 10 Logistics Software. These trucking software for transportation companies requiring trucking dispatch, freight management, shiping and accounting needs.

Flotilla IoT

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Flotilla IoT is a telematics and tracking service provider founded in 2010 to help businesses automate their management operations. With extensive experience in dealing with the needs of businesses re ... Read more

Pluto7 is igniting Digital Transformation across the Supply Chain networks, solving global-scale problems by leveraging Smart Analytics in the most simplistic way, ensuring security and data governan ... Read more

Basically logistic software is designed to provide logistics providers the necessary tools to support them in the execution and management of their product and sales. If your business is large then you also need such a system as manual workforce is not enough nowadays.

Hence the analysts and researchers at virtuous reviews study each and every aspect of the software provided by various companies. There are basically two types of this system one is related to supply chain management and the other is related to brokerage and bidding. Our reviewers know these factors and hence provide a filtered list which contains both the types of software.

At the end it is you who has to make the right choice. We are here to provide you the right options. There are thousands of software in the market for each and every niche offering different functionalities but you are confused which one to choose. Virtuous reviews rates these software according to their functionalities and provides you the detailed reviews to understand which will suit your business requirements.

How does logistics software helps?

Logistics management focus in a mutual network of shippers, carriers as well as customers. It includes route planning along with optimization, load optimization, execution, freight audit, advanced shipping and order visibility.

The business value should achieve the following goals:

  • Lessen costs during better route planning, career mix and mode selection.
  • Develop accountability through visibility into the transportation chain.
  • Flexibility to make changes in delivery plans.


  • With the help of better shipment planning, it allows shippers to decrease expedited shipments.
  • It helps in making shipment routes which makes sure product is being delivered using optimum route.
  • There is no need to use additional resources to organize and manage your logistics, freight, and transportation departments since it provides such a powerful tools.


  • Risk Management - Logistics management allows you to forecast the risk and take preventive measures to avoid as well as quickly and efficiently resolve such issues.
  • Route Optimization and Consolidation - The system is designed in such a way that it provides the most optimal route for shipment of products
  • Visibility - Visibility features makes easy to manage the shipment since it provides a detailed view of every steps of the transportation process