Top 10 Third Party Logistics Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of world’s highly rated top 10 Third Party Logistics. These 3pl logistic providers companies offers various services for various operations such as transportation, distribution, supply chain, delivery services, shipping, freight and so on.

Third-party logistics often called as 3PL or TPL in logistics uses third-party businesses for the purpose of outsourcing elements of the distribution and fulfillment services of a company.

Third party logistics providers usually focus in integrated process, warehousing as well as transportation services that could be scaled along with customized to customer's' requirements depending upon market conditions like demands or delivery service needs for products and materials. Frequently, these services go ahead of logistics and contain value-added services related to the production of goods, that is, services which integrate parts of supply chain. While this integration happens, the provider is then called as a third-party supply chain management provider (3PSCM)

How does Third-Party Logistics work?

Third party logistic companies allows you to focus 100 percent of your awareness on your key business functions along with keeping a close connection with supply chain all the way through outsourcing logistics to may be one or more than a few third-party logistics companies, who can then work together and co-source with you, to make a custom-tailored system to offer the logistic services your company needs.

Supply chain and logistics management is a progression of structured and established planned exercises. It usually involves forecasting inventory; packing, and shipping functions to distribute product; or processing a return from consumer.


  • Cost-Effective - Providers might have better knowledge as well as greater skilled knowledge than the producing or selling company, and they also have few more global networks which enhances time and cost efficiencies.
  • Focus - Logistics outsourcing enable companies along with limited logistics expertise to concentrate on their key business. It is often beneficial for companies to outsource company if they are not skilled in that area.
  • Flexibility - Third party logistic provides higher flexibility and larger variety of services which clients could provide for themselves. This allows businesses to predictably manage their resources effectively.


  • Third Party Logistic ensures on-time delivery across worldwide with excellent networks.
  • It offers 100% customer satisfaction based on personal needs and requirements of customers.