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Ruby Reds Band


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Atlanta, USA

The Ruby Reds Band may be the longest tenured jazz band in Georgia. The band was formed in early 1966 to perform nightly at a rowdy beer hall and banjo sing-along parlor called Ruby Reds Warehouse, at ... Read more

Forty years ago, two guys in Richmond, VA took a chance and started a company that promised to bring the very best entertainment to every client event. Specializing in college, club and private party ... Read more

Banjo Compass is a music education site operated by Watch & Learn Inc. Many of the lessons on this site were previously available at We’ve been providing banjo instructi ... Read more

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Born in North America, Banjos have played a major role in writing mainstream as well as traditional genres too. They are majorly associated with Country, Folk, Banjo Jazz and more genres in music. Apart from the mainstream genres, Banjos are also used to play Irish and South American folk music. So, quite naturally, most of us have heard of the instrument playing somewhere, most probably in songs.

The Banjo is mentioned to be first played by Western African Slaves in the Caribbean. That is how Banjo was discovered in North America. The true origin and etymology of a banjo are unknown. Although the first illustration of a chordophone dates back to around 1300 BC. But all that we know are the theories which shadow the true origin of the instrument.

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