Top 10 Pakistani Restaurants in USA

Bar B Q Inn

Bar B Q Inn was launched in 2015 and since then we have focused on only one goal which is to provide Halal Pakistani and Indian Foods that are authentic and delightful.

Contact: 5127193700



(22 reviews)
Sabri Nihari Restaurant

Sabri Nihari opened its doors to the lovely people of Chicago in 1996 and has been offering a consistently high standard of Pakistani food to both tourists and locals.

Contact: 7734653272



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Biriyani Kabob House

Biriyani Kabob House is proud to serve you and your family one of the finest and tastiest authentic Pakistani and Indian Halal food and other several dishes.

Contact: 2133843570



(20 reviews)
Lahore Grill Restaurant

We offer Pakistani and North Indian cuisine to all who would love to try Authentic Food. Our cuisine is vast and mouth-watering. One bite and you will be entranced by the South Asian delicacies.

Contact: 6783989868



(20 reviews)
Nachlo Restaurant

Nachlo is your place to gather with your friends and enjoy some of the best flavored food around. Whether you want to make your own food or you want our authentic Pakistani food.

Contact: 6175168730



(20 reviews)
Karachi Broast & Grill

We started humbly but with a grand plan: To create the finest burger this world has ever tasted... and that's the end of story. In November of 2008 two guys who were great of friends and who atte ... Read more

Contact: 6782910101



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