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Get the best online modern home design ideas with relevant photos and remodels at Virtuous Reviews. You can choose among the variety of choices under your budget and change your boring house into chic comfortable and luxurious place. These ideas are carefully handpicked by designers and experts from real estate industry that can really create the best dwelling place for you.

What is modern style home design?

Modern style homes are based on purely non-ornamental and style architecture with sleek lines, innovative shapes and unique design to incorporate the need of the people in the 21st century. People tend to confuse modern approach with contemporary style yet they are far apart from each other. Modern houses are meant to have geometric shapes, iconic modern furniture. The colour themes are meant to be primary pure saturated colours along with extensive use of black and white.

Neutral colour palettes are hot favourite in modern style home designs. Modern home designs prefer to create more spaces rather eliminating them. Another important feature is functionality. Every piece of modern home design should serve more than one purpose, like sofa cum beds, low futons. Spaces are thoughtfully used by built in shapes, unique storage areas, sleek staircases and much more.

Materials like metal, glass and wood are frequently used in modern designs. You can commonly find metal lamps, leather sofas, different structured wooden chairs etc. Modern style home designs also stress on using the repurposed material to give the house a more dramatic and stylish look. Exposed walls, steel columns, concrete floorings etc are commonly located in such styled houses.

Modern house designers tend to choose modern art to decorate house instead of age old family pictures. This innovation gives the house a unique body for people living, transforming it in a modern style bungalow.

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