Streaming Analytics Software Reviews

Explore the list of top 10 streaming analytics on Virtuous Reviews to discover how big data analytics is best suited for use cases that have the need for high speed and low latency.

Streaming Analytics is performing analytic computations on data streaming from devices, sensors, websites, social media, applications, infrastructure systems, and more. The emergence of the big data revolution means that vast amounts of data are flowing at high velocity, and corporations must process this streaming data in real time to achieve differentiation from their competitors. Streaming analytics is uniquely important in the real-time stock trading analysis by financial services companies, but it has also become crucial for real-time fraud detection; data and identity protection services; and analysis of Internet of Things data from sensors embedded in physical objects.


  • Provides deeper insight through Data Visualization
  • Offers insight into customer behaviour
  • Remain competitive


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Stringent quality control
  • Assures quality