Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Software: Ratings and Reviews

We bring the top and best appointment scheduling softwares in front of you. These softwares help you in managing the employees and staff and all the online services. Choose the best one from the list.

What is an appointment software?

Appointment Scheduling we all use it; to watch our favourite movie, or to get hair cut at our favourite salon, or to have dinner at our favourite restaurant. But ever wonder, how do our ‘favourite’ places manage such a huge booking and customers? If you are one of them and you need an efficient scheduling system, we have just the right product for you. Online Appointment scheduling software are easy to use and an excellent platform to manage bookings and appointments.

Virtuous reviews works continuously to provide the leading solution to its customers. Whenever it comes to scheduling tools, we have gathered a list of all those sites that provide unparalleled software support for scheduling. One can perform tasks ranging from online booking, reservation management to database building and booking support. Thus making the process easy and flexible. It is also convenient to track and analyse the customer appointments. The software has found its application in every major sector like education, health, entertainment, beauty, professional.

You only have to put an extension to your browser of these software and you are good to go. As a customer just book an appointment whenever you want and as a businessman manage your bookings and update the empty slots. Some software also provide integration with other popular apps.

Why do we need an appointment scheduling software?

  • These softwares help in the integration with employee, member, and customer data
  • Calendar system is connected to a master database in these systems hence they help in proper scheduling.
  • Ability to operate and analyze calendar data
  • Integrated with Permissions system


  • These systems provide 24/7 online appointment scheduling possible.
  • Provides comprehensive online help.
  • Account setup management and personnel management.


  • The appointment requests feature allows the appointment-making process to be handled completely online. Further, the requests are customer driven as they allow customers to select their preferences from a live list of available times generated from the practice’s appointment scheduling system.
  • Another benefit is of appointment reminders as appointment reminders are a great way to decrease no shows and increase revenue and satisfaction.