Blogging Platforms Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with a list of top 10 blogging platforms including the best blog hosting sites that simplify the creation and maintenance of blogs.

Blogs are text and image-heavy websites that get updated over time with new content; updates are called blog posts. Blogging platforms are a type of web CMS designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of blogs.Blogs can be either hosted or self-hosted. A hosted blog is a good option for beginners and users will less technical knowledge, or users who do not wish to manage the back-end technical aspects of the blog. The content of a hosted blog will live in a dedicated sub-domain within the blog hosting site’s own domain.


  • It uses your business' own URL
  • Enables Subscriptions Email
  • Automatically Integrates With Social Media
  • Makes Publishing Easy


  • Audience reach
  • Advertising capability
  • Ease of use
  • Design flexibility
  • Functionality
  • Marketability