Top 10 Email Marketing Software: Ratings and Reviews

You need an effective email marketing software for carrying out an outstanding campaign and interact with the customers in more personalized form. Here is the ranking of  top email marketing systems for you.

What is email marketing software?

Email Marketing is the most convenient and professional way to contact customers. But even they have some limitations like safety, limited max. recipients and limited attachment size. So how can you use these email services but with no limits? Yes, email marketing software. Isn’t it wonderful that we have software to solve every possible problem of ours. Virtuous Reviews does not believe in wonders but on hard work. So leading the path for our visitors, we have compiled a list of such popular email software.

In addition to solving above mentioned problems, they safeguard the privacy of customers, improves brand awareness and customer relations, keep a track of all subscriptions and unsubscriptions. Thus efficiently maximising the one to one interaction with customers. All the software you will find here are inexpensive and target oriented. They have bridged the gap between new businessmen and their target audiences.

No matter what size organisation you are, these email software will get you rolling. No need of any technical knowledge or big amount, just an endeavour to change people’s life around the world. After all, emails are the cost effective way of keeping your customers up-to-date. And email marketing is the best way to send right messages to right customers at the right time.

Why do we need an email marketing software?

  • Most of the email marketing softwares have a set of pre designed templates to choose from.
  • These systems provide you with an editor through which you can customize the template too.
  • The best reason is, they manage your email automatically.
  • Thes email service providers also take care of the email spamming.


  • List management - if a reader wants to remove himself from your newsletter, they click a link in your email and they are automatically removed.  You do not have to do anything.
  • Follow the rules - There are some national standards set to send commercial emails. These systems know these standards and follow them while sending any official mail.


  • Email marketing increases brand awareness and the software helps in doing so easily.
  • Email marketing is shareable  as with a simple click subscribers can share your emails and become your brand advocates.
  • Email marketing is one of the most cost effective method.