Top 10 Social Media Management Software: Ratings and Reviews

Social media and its management has become the need of hour, hence we have set forth the list of top social network management softwares to help you in  analytics, marketing and tracking of campaigns.

What is social media management software?

Social Media Management is the most prominent marketing plan of action. People use social media to express their thoughts and ask for reviews. As such no other medium can be better to communicate with them, provided they come under your circle of influence. But again, there are so many social media platforms and it becomes hard to manage all at once. Virtuous Reviews is providing you all the social media management software so that you can interact through multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard.

Through these tools, you can manage multiple social media accounts, engage with the customers globally, know their views, establish a better relationship with them, analyse social presence and increase the brand credibility. But all these are not enough. Through these software, you can schedule your content. You need not to physically press enter button to post the content. Automatic scheduler will do that for you. Thus, the chances of content to be read increases.

Social media is a treasure land, you just need to understand and use it appropriately. A wrong move can destroy you, and a right one can put you on top. Just keep on connecting with the customers and monitoring the competitor's moves, you will never fell short of loyal customers.

Why do we need  social media management software?

  • It supports your strategy with in depth analytics.
  • Helps to keep track of multiple platforms.
  • Helps to post your multimedia content regularly.


  • Monitoring - There are plenty of free resources to monitor Twitter feeds, in virtue of it being the most challenging network to track in real-time.
  • Analytics - Helps in evaluating and analysing the metrics like click through rates, retweets, like and favourites.
  • Collaboration - If more than one person is responsible for your social media channel then to they can handle it together using the collaboration feature.


  • Location services - The software is capable to let you know the location of your audience.
  • Scheduling - It helps you to balance your social messaging, third-party content you share, and anticipate seasonal and release-specific messaging.