Top 10 Social Media Marketing Software: Ratings and Reviews

We present before you the list of top social media marketing software to help you to monitor the changing trends and manage the people’s engagement with your business. Go through the best options listed here and make your social media analysis much better.

What is a Social Media Marketing software?

Social Media Marketing is the best way for online promotion of products. It not only aids to connect to the existing customers but opens a gate to reach to new potential customers too. Thus improving brand authority and inbound traffic. One software can manage your social media marketing campaigns, interactions with audience, shared content over the media and ads posted. Hence, it is very important to opt the right one that suits your marketing goals. At Virtuous Reviews, you can find all the Social media marketing software for small businesses to larger one.

These software are basically marketing analysers that determine the effect of our various marketing tactics. They help to know the key performance indicators of business. They help in testing various ad campaigns, their effect on the targeted audience and the volume of traffic that the website receives as a result of these ads. Thus, businessmen can engage with the audience more closely and the analysis is more accurate.

With the growing number of social platforms, it is a wise move to use them to communicate with customers and know them personally. It is a best way to promote your businesses to a wider audience. Rightly said- If content is king, then conversation is queen.

Why do we need a Social Media Marketing software?

  • Increased Brand recognition - Your social media networks are the voice and face for your brand and its reputation.
  • Brand Loyalty - A study proves that strategic and open social media project could prove influential in convincing consumers into being brand loyal.
  • More opportunities to convert - Every post you share on social media is an opportunity for you as they are an easy way to make your audience convert.


  • You can publish to social networks in the same place you build campaigns.
  • Monitor social mentions, and connect with people who are really important to your business.
  • lets you compare the performance of different platforms, channels, campaigns, and publishing times.


  • Gain valuable customer insights.
  • Increase your brand awareness and loyalty.
  • You can easily run targeted ads with real time results.