Top 10 Survey Software: Ratings and Reviews

Online survey is important to collect the information and feedback about your products and services. Therefore there are top automated survey softwares which can help you in customer analysis and reviews.

What is survey software?

Survey is a definite way to collect feedback about your business and products. Employees are the asset of the company and customer is the king already. So it is very critical for any business to keep both of them happy. While happiness cannot be measured, it can surely be surveyed! Virtuous Reviews has collected the top survey software to help strategic team in deploying a better game plan.

Every survey tool consists of two parts- one is database to store the data collected and second is the analyser to reach to the conclusion. Depending on the volume of targeted audience and functions that these software perform, the cost varies. Some are free, while others are paid, but that too not very expensive. The distribution can be done through email of registered customers, but nowadays, paid surveys are popular too- where a group of target audience is surveyed and paid goodies or money in return. The survey can be used with automation tool for managing alerts for response, follow up emails, customer feedback, etc.

All the software are absolutely safe and there is no risk of business or customer data leak. Additionally, no technical knowledge is required. So, download the software and get started.

Why do we need a survey software?

  • It is a way to mould your online marketing strategies to reach the people who are more likely to become your customers.
  • You can ask your worldwide customers about what they think about your product and what they need. In this way you can design and implement the strategies accordingly.
  • They even have built in reporting tools to measure your data.


  • They have expert template design to help you go through a series of questions and topics and choose your own template
  • It provides flexible look and feel so that you can update colours and fonts.
  • Piping feature helps to show the questions in a flow.


  • Data analysis helps in looking at charts, excel graphs, and other graphics.
  • Website integration helps you to link survey with site.
  • The biggest benefit is that these softwares have a feature of auto save.