Tag Management Solutions Reviews

Virtuous Reviews presents the list of top 10 Tag Management Solutions that best suits your needs, scale, budget and tag complexity. Choose the best tag Management System that increases a website’s speed and performance and improves the quality of data collected.

Tags are pieces of code placed on a web page that enable tracking and analysis. A tag management system is designed to help manage the lifecycle of e-marketing tags (sometimes referred to as tracking pixels or web beacons), which are used to integrate third-party software into digital properties.

Some software vendors offer comprehensive tag management solutions, while others include tag management as a feature in broader analytics or testing suites. Pricing varies from free to charging a fixed price plus incremental charges based on the volume of use.

Tag management tools usually provide graphical user interfaces that marketing or business professionals can manage, and allow for different user permission levels. They can also help companies comply with ‘Do Not Track’ preferences and other privacy standards in their data collection.


  • Agile tag management - Quickly deploy any tag on any number of web pages — without dealing with rigid templates.
  • Tag library
  • Custom tags
  • Rules-driven tag execution
  • Synchronous and asynchronous tag support
  • Intelligent activation - Craft customized web experiences by specifying exactly when and how technologies launch.
  • Sophisticated data handling - Set up rules to control when data is collected, where it goes, and how it is organized.


  • Accelerate campaign time to market - Marketers can launch more revenue-generating campaigns faster and easier.
  • Leverage best-in-class solutions - Test new vendors and use the applications that best fit your evolving business requirements.
  • Improve website performance - intelligent tag loading and superior architecture.
  • Reduce costs - Free up valuable marketing and IT resources for other strategic projects.