Top 10 Web Analytics Software: Ratings and Reviews

We have listed the best web analytics software in the world to help you in proper data and website analysis. The tools mentioned by us are a perfect example to carry out best marketing practices.

What is web analytics software?

Web Analytics, in a very vague definition, means counting the visits you are getting to your website. However, with changing time, it has grown to a much wider sense and greater purpose. It is said that without analytics, companies are deaf and blind. Web analytic tools measure the website accesses, mobile visitors and social media presence. Thus, it is easy to track user activities on site. With the help from Virtuous Reviews you can easily find such software, ready to be used.

These software tag the pages of website to determine which users are new and which are returning. Thus creating a complete user profile to serve each customer differently according to their needs. When you can track where the data is coming from, it becomes easy to focus on specific profitable platforms. Monitoring the ‘clicks’, you can know about your visitor, his personality, needs and location. These tools can improve your website for more conversion rates and to stand two steps ahead of your competitors.

What gets measured can be managed. Using analytics tools, you can follow the trend and improve for good. And if the plan does not work for you, you can always switch back to the old self. In the competitive air, there is no place for assumptions; only analysis and implementation.

Why do we need web analytics software?

  • You receive a substantial amount of traffic per month.
  • It provides an aggregate roll up view for multiple websites and apps of your company.
  • You can utilize your big data and use web data analytics with other data sources in the cloud.


  • These tools are effective in tracking your ROI.
  • Tracks your conversions.
  • Report generation is simple and relevant.


  • It provides real time data.
  • These systems are user friendly and have point and click interfaces.
  • Even analyse changes in user behaviour.