Top 10 Strategic Sourcing Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 Strategic Sourcing Software from all around the world. Logistics supply offers an affordable easy-to-use online procurement, Supply-chain management and e-sourcing solutions with the aim of providing high-efficiency and effective controls of labor and costs saving.

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A strategic sourcing system is needed by any organization to evaluate their purchasing activity. Our team has unveiled top 10 strategic sourcing software which will definitely help you to flourish and remain away from daily stress.

The alternatives listed by us formalize the way of information gathering so that an organization can hold its purchasing power to find the best possible values in the outside world. To find out such systems the reviewers and experts here work continuously using a well defined strategy.

Our team believes in development, both in our techniques as well as the software being listed. If there is any latest update in any particular software then our team will definitely review it. Therefore if you are a regular visitor of our site then you will have all those options which are in trend. So, if you want to remain updated and grab the best opportunity then read the latest reviews and ratings provided by us.

How does Strategic Sourcing System works?

Strategic Sourcing System delivered as a web-based service without any monthly fee, it allows you to rapidly and easily make and manage strategic sourcing events.

In short, here's how Strategic Sourcing System works:

  • Sourcing Project Creation - Easily identify the event type, product, area, target savings, currency, and contract effective date.
  • Supplier finding and Invitation - look for suppliers. You can also issue your aim to hold the event, and examine interested suppliers.
  • Pre-Bid association - Collaborate by way of stakeholders as well as advisors to purify the event prior to launching it.
  • Online Bidding Event - Go online plus have your behest event. Accumulate price as well as non-price information, with weighted scoring to make a best-value assortment decision.
  • Supplier Selection - Award the complete project to a supplier, or assign different percentages to numerous suppliers.


  • Improved level of cost savings
  • Enhanced alignment of sourcing along with business objectives
  • Provide risk assessment
  • Optimization of perfect suppliers
  • Privileged level of responsibility even as executing sourcing projects
  • Improved data reporting and analysis leading to conversant and enhanced decisions
  • Better visibility into sourcing projects


  • Provides Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Mapping as well export feature for non-price assessment factors
  • Scalability used for 10,000+ line items in addition to 200+ suppliers in a particular sourcing event
  • An in-built platform to recognize key suppliers intended for negotiation also to register the investments achieved after every negotiation
  • Endorsement workflow triggered for every events based on a variety of business policies of an organization
  • Capability to turn over the pricing & non-pricing information with attachments as of the sourcing event into a contract