Top 10 Vendor Managed Inventory Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 Vendor Managed Inventory Software list, from all over the world. Barcode Inventory System is an affordable and easy-to-use approach to manage inventory and order fulfillment. It offers collaboration between suppliers and customers with planning, accounting, optimizing and asset tracking techniques.

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Vendor managed inventory software is a family of business models in which the buyer of a product (business) provides certain information to a vendor (supply chain) supplier of that product and the supplier takes full responsibility for maintaining an agreed inventory of the material, usually at the buyer's consumption location (usually a store). Vendor managed inventory uses internet that provides the supplier with the distributor sales and inventory data. The inventory can be owned by the distributor, or by the supplier, often under consignment.

The benefits of a vendor managed inventory system may include better inventory accuracy, forecasting, and service, though it can present challenges in communication, cultural resistance, and setting clear lines of responsibility. Virtuous Reviews understands the need of the best vendor managed inventory software and offers the results primarily considering the demand.

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How does Vendor Managed Inventory Software works?

  • The customers bring in their order categorization and manufacturing process, and then VMI software stores all the materials and parts in their facilities, cost-free for the customers.
  • VMI takes full responsibility about the materials that are ready in accurate quantities and at the correct time.
  • It provides their clients a web-based service which delivers clear and rapidly readable reports on stock levels, orders and bills.


  • Lower Inventory Overstocks and Stock scarcities - Vendor Managed Inventory could reduce overstocks and stock scarcity which may cause uncertainty for customers. Shortage of right products can affect the quality of service. Furthermore, sales will be vanished from stock shortages also storage costs will be sustain from overstocked items.
  • Enhances Sales - It could enhance sales by making sure that products are available in stock and will be purchased. Product availability will increase the quality of service and make brand loyalty.
  • Less Responsibility - It offers the responsibility of managing inventory to suppliers. It reduces the inventory costs, lowers administrative work, and thus allows to focus efforts more on other areas.


  • Provides the ability to set user-defined business rules and regulations
  • It allows to perform market planning
  • Capable to plan with flexible hierarchies
  • Provides with the ability to generate a consent forecast
  • Manage and organize multiple data streams
  • Able to monitor report plan versus actual implementation
  • Incorporates business rules as well as logic