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If you are not a beads person and want to carry the ashes in a jewelry, there is a solution to that. There are many stores which deal in creating ash jewelry. You have to send in the ash in the mentioned amount, and select a type of jewelry to get it made. Which brings us to the types of ash jewelry. There are three major categories of Ash jewelry and then there are sub-categories too. Major categories are:

Types of Ash Jewelry:

(I) Diamond or gemstone pendant which opens from the top. You can fill ashes from the top, and get a transparent or a translucent coating. In such jewelry, chain which holds the gemstone, also provides a small screw. The screw serves as a cap for the pendant.

(II) Ash Diamond:- The ashes from the cremation has to be sent to the maker in a larger quantity than the diamond pendant. The Ash is then treated for 10 to 12 months, under high pressure and temperature. The treatment makes the ash crystalline. Final touches are done by polishing its surface.

The diamond created by this process can then be used as a standalone gemstone. And you can make anything out of it.

(III) Ash Ornaments:- The final category of jewelry are the rings and bracelets that are made completely of ash. Ash ornaments have a lustrous metal finish and you can wear them on every occasion