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At the day of a funeral, after a decedent’s body is incinerated, friends and family may want to carry the decedent’s ashes with them. Funeral urns are made to fulfill that purpose. Funeral urns have a big mouth to fill the ashes; neck narrower than the mouth; big round body; with a flat narrow base. There are plenty of stores which sell those urns.

Your friends may have shown you some beautiful funeral urns. And they all looked different. So, how are funeral urns made? And which funeral urn can you choose for your or decedent’s ashes? Funeral urns can be classified on the basis of 2 classification factors.

  1. Material used to make it
  2. Characteristics of the deceased

(I) On the basis of material used to build the funeral urn

As the name suggests. There are quite a few materials a funeral urn can be made of, like;

  • Bronze:- Clinically rust treated bronze funeral urn
  • Wood:- You can choose which wood, would you want to use. There are many options.
  • Ceramic Urn:- uses porcelain/ clay
  • Bio-Degradable:- There are a lot of options in the biodegradable funeral urns. There is one option which lets you plant a tree inside.  
  • Glass urns:- Colorful Glasses

(II) On the basis of nature of the deceased;

There are times when a family loses a child, or a soldier or a war veteran and more. To serve such reflections, different types of urns are used like;

  • Infant funeral Urn
  • Angel funeral Urn:- Angel crafted using different materials
  • Memory funeral Urn:- customisable urns with photograph and message
  • Companion funeral Urn:- to share the ashed of the deceased
  • Sports funeral Urn:- If deceased loved one was a sportsperson or a sports fan
  • Musical funeral Urn:- Musical Instruments crafted urns
  • Outdoor funeral Urn
  • Warrior Urn
  • Veteran Funeral Urn