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If you have brought back the ashes of your loved one after their cremation, you can keep it in an urn. But if you want to carry the ashes along with you always, memorial beads may be a good option. Memorial beads are made of glass with ashes instilled into it. After keeping the ashes inside the glass, the glass is treated at high temperatures. And as it solidifies, the ashes solidifies inside too. They can be seen as bubbles inside the glass beads. While to figure out hair, becomes completely impossible after the treatment.

Things you can ask for, in a memorial bead:

  • Insist to treat the decedent’s ashes, with utter respect
  • Ask them to create only one bead at a place, at a time. Otherwise, they may end up mixing the ashes.
  • If you want to make separate beads for the entire survival family and friends, tell them so. Tell them to ask everyone’s view, on the color and size of their bead.
  • Ask if you can get more than one family member’s ashes into the bead