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The Global Mission of Of The Nazarene from the beginning has been, to respond to the Great Commission of Christ to ‘go and make disciples of all nations. Church Of The Nazarene formed in the 19th century during Holiness Movement in North America. With members over 2 million and churches over thirty thousand in hundred and sixty-two different world areas. The word ‘world areas’ is used to describe different countries and areas that are part of the country.

Considering marriage in Church Of The Nazarene?

There are various ways to get married but opting for the church can be said as the most divine way in the divine place to tie the knot for eternity. At churches, the marriage takes place in the presence of God and it adds one religious dimension to the wedding also.

One perk that every church offer is to become a part of history. Like said history! Churches are actually centuries old and getting married in the same church as your great-grandparent kicked their life, is indeed fantasizing. Moreover, if you are fond of a church that is not as antique as others are then simply you can give your great grandchildren some wedding goals.

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