VirtuousReviews provides you with the list of top Musical Instruments in Bunbury. When you think of music, think of circles. Music is very similar to a circle. No matter how wild music may roam, it will come back to the place it started, in one way or the other. The most ancient found instrument is a flute, which dates back to 65000 BC. Musical instruments can be explained as shapes carved in nature, in order to produce sound. Now the medium to create sound could be anything from strings to air and more. And on that basis, the musical instruments are classified as follows:-

  • Stringed Instruments:- String instruments are those instruments which use Strings as a source to create the sound.
  • Wind Instruments:- These are the instruments which require wind to be blown inside in order to create a sound.
  • Percussion Instruments:- Also known as Membranophones. These instruments required stretched membranes to be struck hard with a piece of wood or nylon in order to create a sound.
  • Electronic Instruments:- Electronic instruments require a computer to create the sound.

Every instrument usually requires good brain-hand coordination except the electronic instruments, which require only the brain.

Basic Components of Music (Western Music terminology)

Music can be defined as one common culture that everyone shares. Coming out of the different parts of the world, were similar looking musical instruments. We have used the same instruments to play different musical patterns. Every region in the world would have a slight difference in music theories. Western music theory got globally accepted to give a common ground to every music theory. There are a few common components in music from all around the world, like:-

  • Pitch:- Pitch can be defined as how high or how low a note gets. It is directly proportional to the frequency of a sound. Pitch of a sound is very particular and it cannot be matched, even by a similar sound produced by a different equipment.
  • Scales:- Scales came out as patterns in music which sensibly completes a music circle. A musical scale is made up of notes with a certain pattern to follow. For example, there are major scales in music which follows “Root Note-Tone-Tone-Semitone-Tone-Tone-Tone-Semitone” pattern. The last note of which again comes out to be the root note. There are a lot of other scales in music.
  • Consonance and Dissonance:- Pick a note on any musical instrument. There are a number of consonance and dissonance for a note within its own scales. Consonant notes sound complete when played together. Dissonant notes give a feeling of incompleteness.
  • Chord:- Chords can be defined as notes in a scale, which when played together, create a sensible sound. It can only be consonant notes or a combination of consonant and dissonant notes. For example, to play a major chord in any scale, you need to pick the first, third and fifth note from that scale. Play the selected notes together. You have got your chord.