04 Things You Should Know Before Moving to a PG


04 Things You Should Know Before Moving to a PG

Are you a student? Do you want to have the best PG? What are the things you need to find out before moving to a rented place? Can I get into a PG as a working professional? How to get the best boys hostel in Koramangala? If all these questions are making you confused to get to the best place as a student or working professional. We have discussed everything about having the best place for you. Staying far away from your family is not an easy task for everyone- do you accept it? Obviously “yes”.

The things we have discussed here in this blog will help you a lot to get the best place you are looking for. We have added some of the best points that help you with the ideas to explore the best place to live, not just simply stay. Read the blog and explore all the things before moving to a new place.

Explore the most common things before you move to a new place

Here are the top things that you must focus on to move to a new place. Added the top 04 tips from our experience. These practices will help you with the best thing you need to know- whether you are moving into a PG, home, or a flat. Know all the things to explore and learn the best practices.

1. Check out the building

You need to check out the building, not whether it is strong or not. Will you be having all the necessary things near to it? It includes medical services, supermarkets, a petrol pump, and other such important places. Because these are the main things a working professional will need to have. If you are a student you need to check out what is the distance from your selected PG to your college or the university.

2. Food at the PG

If you have selected to have food also the place you are going to move to. The food matters a lot when you move to a new place. You have seen cases of food poisoning at such places. You need to check the food so that you do not get such happenings. Keep in mind that you will not be having anyone to look after you. Take a good decision to move to a new place. If you will be cooking your food every day. Therefore, there is no such thing to check. You just need to check the place you will be moving to.

3. Is your room season-wise friendly?

You may be moving to your selected place in winter or any other season. There you need to check that your room has enough space. If there is summer and you do not have an AC room. Will you be able to have a cooler in your room? There are many cases where people stuck to having a good room for themselves. There will be different seasons and you have to adjust yourself according to that.

4. What is allowed and what is not?

Whether you are moving into a PG, house, or apartment. There are different rules and regulations that you have to follow. Suppose you are a pet lover and you want to have your pet with you. But the apartment you are moving to. They do not allow any pets to live with you. At that time you will get stuck and you will not be having any choice but to leave the place or your pet. What will you be doing?

So, these are the top points that you must focus on to have the best place for you. Never ignore these points when moving to a new place.


You must look for all the necessary things before you move to a new place. The place is new, you are new at that place and the people are anonymous. What will you do? It is better to check all the things and think hard before moving to a new place. It does not matter whether you are looking for a PG in Koramangala for working as a professional or anything else. You must focus on all the things and make a hard decision.

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