4 Funny Terms that Actually have Deeper Meaning For SEOs


4 Funny Terms that Actually have Deeper Meaning For SEOs

funny terms with deeper meaning of SEO

Google is doing a serious business of providing users exactly those results which they come looking for. SEO is a tough cookie, it is a crucial task that is achieved with months of hard work and patience. As serious this business is, there are some funny terms associated with it. Well, for us people it is funny, not for SEO experts who work day and night for their clients. So, let us see what are these terms.

Google dance: 

 example for Google dance

Yes, it is officially a term in SEO industry, which means the changes that occur in search engine results page due to some update in Google algorithms. Well, when I hear Google dance, I just imagine this-

Google Bowling:

example for Google bowling 

It sounds funny, but it is actually a dirty game technique. It works on the principle of  ‘If you cannot raise like others, bring them down’. A site is sent spam links from the fraud sites. As such it’s authority in the eyes of Google drops down. Well, for us bowling means-

Google Juice:

image for Google juice  

It is actually a trust factor, a quality factor that Google provides to the good links. PageRank, which is going away from Google is one of this Google juice. Google juice means ensuring that a page or website is as per Google’s likings. Our liking is more like-

Google Bomb:

image for Google bomb 

Now, wondering what could that be! It is an attempt to change the search results by changing the pageRank algorithm of Google. As such irrelevant results are shown in the Google results page. When you search for coffee, you get women's shoes. Ha!

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