4 Popular Buy Co-Ord Sets- Straightly Comes From The Wardrobe!


4 Popular Buy Co-Ord Sets- Straightly Comes From The Wardrobe!

The summerly feeling is all there coming our way in a few days. 

Yeah! The winter banged off its cold and coziness too soon, we left with a surprised feeling. 

No mind, if summer is coming soon, we are ready to meet it with all prep. 

So what about you planning to wear in this mixed weather condition? Well, we have something special for you, which I’m sure most of us have heard of before. Yes, you guess it right. It’s Co-ord dress sets; a pair of shirt and pyjama set womens loved to wear anytime. 

The pair itself is self-complimentary and needs no other extensions. That is what modern women or girl wishes for. So, girls, there is a ton of variety we have with us at Jisora for you. To cut your wishlist and make it most for your everyday. 

Choices You Can Wear-On 

  • Block print co-ord sets 

Block prints are always in fashion. A hot-chic vibing girl always admired block prints and it is a perfect pair of coord sets for women. The blocks in common from top to bottom pair seamless attire for your wardrobe. 

  • Floral prints 

Florals coming from traditional sarees and popular actress's wear, with pom-pom hair bands, complete your formal wear. Floral print co-ord sets are perfect for your office bays. 

  • Jaipuri kadhai

The Jaipuri kadhai prints are handcrafted by village artists who assembled threads weavings into a transformational modern and cozy look. The co-ord prints are perfect statements of our brand. We together give some best choices for your wardrobe. 

  • Stripes are all-time favorite 

The stripes come in a sequence of vertical lines, which gives an illusion of you as tall and wavy. These are an ideal set of pairs for your cocktail party. Perfectly styled with coordination for your daily needs. So wherever you go, be a fashion icon.  

The list is not over but we have these designs exclusive for nailed any time, anywhere. You urge no hassle to pair cloth with lower or upper as the co-ord sets are itself a complete pair. So, whether it is professional meetings, a cocktail party, or movie time you can wear it anytime.

Tips To Buy Co-Ord Sets Are Here...Just For You!

What to wear is one thing, but why to wear is a question you always have to ask yourself. Pointing to that, we have a few tips to wear your statement co-ord sets wherever you want.

  • For Holiday Fun

When you are planning to go out, and want to relax, comfortable all the time.  What could be more obvious for you than just wearing a pair of shirts and pajamas? The dresses are so fresh you never looked at anything else. So enjoy your free time without thinking about anything to think. 

  • For Everyday Casual 

Settle down with pink pastel color pajamas with your choice of trimmed tee or camisole. Isn’t it sound like wonder? Co-ord sets are not pajama and tee sets it is more than that.

Cinephiles go to movies with co-ord dresses. It is a perfect savior for them.

Even if you have no work, and just want to relax on your bed couch.  Yes, you can still wear these dresses. 

  • For Office Style

Working zones are very important for us. And we always found it difficult to the casual question, “what to wear” for offices. But hello, you need not think about it anymore. Jisora tempted you with some of the statement pieces for office styles, and you are good to go. 

Choose What Is Best For You!

The pandemic wrenched us into a difficult situation. From then, we totally confused with the idea of “what to pick and wear”. It is more gimmick for most of us.

The co-ord sets the best options in that chaos. These dresses are paired with cotton fabric which has a subtle visual and is very comfortable, you can trust me. At Jisora, we are sure to have something there for every woman across us. 

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