5 Best Matte Crayon Lipsticks For Every Occasion


5 Best Matte Crayon Lipsticks For Every Occasion

If you are looking for the perfect or the best lip crayon for your lips, then you are at the right place. First, selecting a crayon lipstick can be the best decision for a perfect matte look. They are also very easy to carry from one place to another. So, if you are willing to try then you should try matte crayons once. In this blog, we will discuss the best five colors you should buy in matte crayons, and suitable according to almost every occasion. So, let us find out about them.

5 Colors in Matte Crayons

  1. Brown-

If you have a dark complexion then you must try brown shades and they will you shine without doing it over. The beautiful natural shades of brown can be the best for almost every type of skin tone. The main trick is to pick the right brown shade according to your skin tone. Generally, Indian skin tone is different from US and UK skin tones. Brown is generally considered an Indian color but it is not entirely true. Some beautiful shades of brown can slay fair skin tones even better than dark ones.

  1. Red-

The second and mesmerizing shade is Red. It is a color that cannot be avoided by anyone and does not have boundaries of skin tones. Red is the best lip crayon and is equally popular in almost every country because of its vibrant and bold impression. No matter if you are going to a wedding, going to a bachelorette party, a cocktail party, or even a day wedding, with the red color you can slay any occasion. You cannot deny the exquisite beauty of the red color it goes with a white gown and also goes with red and black dresses with the same audacity.

  1. Pink-

The third color on the list is pink which is highly popular in fair and wheatish skin tones. This is because pink color can compliment the skiing tones splendidly. They look extremely natural and add a glowing look to the face. If you are going for pestle color outfits and in a get-together type of function then pink should be your lip color choice. This is why you must try taking pink color under consideration before you buy other colors.

  1. Nude-

The next line is nude colors. They are quite fresh in the market but soon and rapidly became the most popular colors in the fashion industry. Almost every model or stress cannot get enough of such beautiful nude shades. Nude is the best lip crayon color that cannot be beaten because it is a perfect choice for daily use. You can go to the office, college, shopping, and many more places where dark colors may not go that well. But nude colors are made for complimenting your skin tones and lip colors so that you can have the most natural glow to shine.

  1. Glitter-

Last but not least color of our suggestion is glitter. You can plan your vibrant theme party looks with glitter shine. If you are someone who likes to flaunt your vibrant personality so with the help of glitter you can do it. Any color can be combined with glitter shine but golden and red shades make the magical duos with the glitters.


At last, we can say that different types of occasions require different colors to shine brightly you can choose according to your wish from these five most popular and suitable colors. At Recode Studios you can not only get lip crayons but also Rose gold beauty oil. For more information please check out Recode Studios today.

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