5 Important Reasons Why To Use Facial Oil And Cream For Dry Skin


5 Important Reasons Why To Use Facial Oil And Cream For Dry Skin

From ancient times, the skin has been treated with facial oils. Although many products come into the market to replace natural oil, they fail to do so. Due to the reason that facial oils being chemical free and appearing more natural to the skin. Even though several skincare products claim to attract users by hypnotizing the market. Still, the facial oil on the market is a super remedy. It consists of prolonged and anti-aging ingredients that work wonders for the skin. 

Talking about water cream, Water + oil does wonders for skin which normally facial products are dared to do. Facial oil and water cream nourish the skin by penetrating deep into the cellulose of the skin. Water cream is absolutely light on the skin. 

The skin properties play a gimmick role in brightening the skin and face texture. Apart from that there are many properties of the best facial oil for glowing skin in India

So let's understand what these are and how they overcome the skin problem. 

Benefits to skin with facial oil and water cream

  • Balance the skin tone

The main property of facial oil is that it balances the extra oil presence in the skin and face. The facial oil healthify the skin and make it glow. It is best to apply facial oil at night so that the skin remains settled and all essential oil is easily soaked by the skin. With regular usage, as a result, the skin becomes vibrant using facial oils.  

Water cream consists of mint, basil, lemon, ginger, cinnamon, juice cubes, and other ingredients which remain soaked inside the skin for better care. 

  • Cure for acne 

Acne issues are largely visible in summer. If your skin faces stomach issues or burning sensation issues, then acne pores are easily visible. And to avoid any flaky and acne-textured skin, it is advisable to use facial oils. 

If you have acne-prone skin then choose a lightweight water cream and oil in warmer weather. 

  • Improve moisture content 

Moisture content is essential for our skin during the summer. Facial oil and water cream have enough hydrating agents that replenish flaky skin and adds moisture to your dry and sick skin type. 

The water cream has water-locking properties that prevent your skin wrinkle free and removes dark spots from it. You can use the oil before moisturizer to layer seal-lock on the skin. 

  • Cleanses skin and helps in making it healthier 

The facial oil has enough ingredients that are rich in antioxidant properties which prevent water loss on the skin. It adds toner to the skin and maintains skin elasticity that keeps you young and limits any skin loosening. Facial oil restores skin brightness to its natural condition. 

  • Night time remedy 

Over the nighttime, you need not be required to put harsh chemicals. Instead, add facial oils as a regular nightly routine. The oil is present in a pure undiluted, and cold-pressed condition that gives protection overnight. It prevents the skin from wrinkles, fine lines, and unbalanced skin tone. 


In the concluding part, we would like to say that facial oil and water cream do wonders for the skin. It gives a natural state to the skin and rejuvenates your skin type.  
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