5 Kinds of Realtor that You Meet in The Real Estate


5 Kinds of Realtor that You Meet in The Real Estate

Selling or buying a house is a very tough job but finding a good realtor is even tougher. While browsing through the list of people available, the chances of selecting a wrong one are pretty high. You can really get stuck with the wrong one and your house deal would seem to be going nowhere. Whether you are buying a new house, or selling old one, you should invest a quality time in selecting the best broker for the transaction. If you think that it would be time-consuming, wait till you select the wrong one. Anyhow, let us meet the 5 kinds of realtor that we can meet during our little adventure.

The Promiser: Some realtors make a lot of promises and well, fulfil half of them. They would do anything to get the job. They would behave nicely, they would show chivalry and even play with your kids to get your attention. These people promise that you will get a buyer for your house within days, and do not show the face for months.

The promiser

The tech-hater: Do not wonder if you meet these kinds of realtors too. These people do not like the technology and they would convince you for the same. When you ask them to take pictures of your house for catalogue, they would just take out their cellphone and start taking pictures. According to them, no one really see the pictures, they just like to visit the house personally, so you do not need a professional photographer. They do not like to organize open houses either.

The tech-hater

The pusher: These people are the worst kind. They would just not leave you until you agree to take their services. They would call you many times a day, they would visit you every now and then and they would also hit you with lots of emails to make sure you have not forgotten them. Most of the people end the torture by just hiring them.

The pusher

The No-Commenter: These people are the opposite of the pushers, they are simply unresponsive. Even when you contact them, you are directed to the answering machine. They would just go on a vacation without informing you, they would not receive your calls and they would just leave you on your own.

The No-Commenter

The know-it-all: These kinds are the pain-in-the a**. They just act like they know everything. While talking to you, they will indicate that you know very less about your own house and they can tell about it better than you. Some people get intimidated by their attitude and confidence while some people just show them the door.

The know-it-all

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