5 Must-Have Things to do in Kasauli


5 Must-Have Things to do in Kasauli

When you type the best hotel in Kasauli, what next do you find at your fingertips? The hailing beauty of hotels and resorts with picturesque locations and facilities is jaw-dropping for any visitor or tourist.

If you have planned to visit Kasauli, then you must prepare a to-do list so that you gonna uncover every adventure and fun.

So here we have come up with 5 must-have things to do at least when you visited Kasauli.

Let’s get started.

  • Nature walks 

Go and get refresh your mind, body, and soul inside nature. 

The picture-perfect environment not only soothes your body but also your mind. Kasauli is the perfect place to get a panoramic view and be serene everywhere. While walking for 10 minutes you get the vibe.

  • Restaurant with a good meal

Restaurant in Kasauli is easily available within budget and quality. You can find your choice of food here. Try out any cuisine on your plates while sitting at the topmost hill spot. 

  • Access to a pool of games 

At Kasauli, you can access different adventures. Just wear a loafer and shades and you can rock any theme and adventure. There are infinite games and activities for fun happening all around the day. 

  • Bonfire 

Who does not like a night bonfire? Everybody does. It is the way thing to spend an ideal vacation spot. 

  • Visit nearby places

Kasauli hills are acquired with captivating lush green views for your longtime memory. Visit here between November to February to visit snowfall. 

  • Order your BBQ 

One major food destination is Kasauli, where you get a complete range of BBQ with toppings, capsicum, brinjal, and mushroom. In addition, you get spices and other itineraries for your BBQ party. 

  • Toy train ride

The journey between Dharampur and Barog is around 10km. But with a toy train, it would be the perfect journey through hills, oak trees, forests, and hamlets.


Kasauli Hill Resort is the perfect holiday vacation spot for people who love to explore hills and climb mountain. Let’s come and celebrate some unforgettable experience in Kasauli for the time that you save just for fun. 

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