5 Reasons Why Destination Wedding Is the Best Wedding Idea


5 Reasons Why Destination Wedding Is the Best Wedding Idea

If you are about to tie the knot this wedding season or planning it soon, you must know your wedding options first. A wedding ceremony has several tasks to complete but if you hire a wedding decorator in Jaipur, then you can save a lot of time and effort. But even hiring a wedding planner is not enough preparation you need to make because having a hometown wedding adds additional tasks to the to-do list. This is why destination weddings can be one of the best options. Wondering how? Then we will tell you how in this blog. So, let us take a tour.

Why Destination Wedding?

1. Exotic Locations-

The best advantage of having a destination wedding is experiencing a different place and culture. You can plan your wedding according to your preference like a beach wedding, mountain wedding, dessert wedding, or fort wedding. These are some famous choices of couples but it is up to you. You can experience a different vibe and culture altogether. The main objective of a destination wedding is to have an intimate function and celebrate your bond with your loved ones. If this is happening in such exotic locations then it is the cherry on the cake.

2. Time-Saving-

Destination weddings are very time-saving because you just need to get involved with a destination wedding planner in Jaipur. They can guide you, and suggest to you what can be done according to your selected location and you just need to approve what works for you and what does not. At a destination wedding, you need to just relax and leave all the tasks to your planners and they can handle them for you. This gives you a lot of time to have fun and explore.

3. Better Management-

At a destination wedding, there are several people involved in the management like venue managers, wedding planners, and many others. This is why you must be able to acquire better management than at a normal wedding. In a city, because of several factors, things can be delayed, and eventually, management gets chaotic. But in a destination wedding, the preparation is handled based on the departments divided by a wedding planner. This means everyone just needs to do their work on time this is why interference gets disappeared in destination weddings and management gets better.

4. Great Memories-

Weddings have a lot of work to do and in all this work we miss out on so many moments and time with our loved ones. But if you hire a wedding decorator in Jaipur then they can save you time and effort. It will give you and your relatives to spend time and make beautiful memories. Destination weddings are known for great memories and time spent with each other but if you are busy arranging the wedding then you will miss out on these memories. So, having a destination wedding is a very good concept for making good memories.

5. Vacation-

Last but not least on the list is having a vacation. If your guest is coming to an exotic location then they can also have the best time and experience of their life. In a wedding ceremony functions are limited, meanwhile, your guests can chill or explore the place. In short, they can enjoy your wedding and their vacation at the same time. This is one of the greatest perks of destination weddings.


At last, we can say that different types of wedding options are available but choosing a destination wedding can make your special day memorable not only for you but also for your guests. Fiestro Events is a destination wedding planner in Jaipur that can arrange your wedding at your selected location so that you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

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