A Rental can Never Become a Home because You do not Try Enough


A Rental can Never Become a Home because You do not Try Enough

A Rental can Never Become a Home because You do not Try Enough

Variety is the spice of life. Many people do not like to get stuck in a single house, but those who can, they do not try enough. A home is a home, whether it has your name on the papers or on the nameplate only. When you like the locality of your rented house and the rent is affordable, you can convert this house into a home. A home is where you live happily, and we often stay away from happiness because we put a ‘rental’ tag on it. Let us see the reasons that show we are responsible for not getting content in a house and live a life of a nomad.

#1. We do not invest in painting

We do not invest in painting

How many people have actually painted their rental? We live in the four walls, we see them daily and still we are not ready to invest some money in beautifying them. The paint makes the house worth living. When you see the vibrant walls, you get a feeling of joy, and when you feel happy somewhere, you like to stay there for a long time. If painting costs too much, try colored and patterned wallpapers.

#2. We do not fix things

We do not fix things

If something is not right in the house, maybe lighting or some door, we do not try to fix it ourselves or hire services. Either we nag our landlord to fix it or we just ignore it thinking ‘This is temporary anyway’. With this thought, we spend all the time and suffer with problems that could have been solved with little time and efforts. A problematic door would never even let you think that this house can be your home.

#3. You do not personalize

You do not personalize

People who lived in the house before you had their unique preferences and requirements. If you do not shift the furniture according to your needs, how can you expect to get content? You are actually trying adjusting in the life of some other people who are totally different from you. A rental can be your home if you place things where you want them. There is no one default setting for a home.

#4. You do not decorate

Maybe, you do not buy things to put up on the walls of your rental, but you can always put your old photos and arts made by your kids on your wall. You think that you are going to leave the house anyhow, so why to bother decoration, but decorating is what makes it feel like home. When you see family photo on the wall, you instantly feel a connection with the house.

#5. You want perfection but not ready to create one

You do not do anything to make the house better for a living, but one thing you do very well; pinpointing the flaws. You are not happy because you are not trying to. See the bright side, at least you have a pretty good space to live, some people are not that fortunate. Own the space and make it how you want.

When for the time you live in a rental you call it a home, why can’t you accept it as one? It may be a rented house but it is yours. Try to make the stay in the house memorable because your stay may be temporary but it all depends on you; what you carry with you to the next house. Memories are forever.

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