Absurd Reasons People Give For Not Donating Blood


Absurd Reasons People Give For Not Donating Blood

Absurd Reasons People Give For Not Donating Blood

Donating blood is a noble cause, we all believe that, then why some people do not donate blood? Why are they scared? They all have their reasons which are genuine according to them, but are they? Let us see some of such weird excuses that we have often heard from people who just stand far away from the blood donation camp.

#1. I do not have enough blood: I mean, really? And how can you say so, just because you are thin? Being thin does  not mean that you do not have blood to spare. Blood constitutes 7% of our body weight. After donating blood, our body manufactures it again and after 56 days, you are good to donate blood again. As a precaution, it is advised that you donate blood every three months. So, the next time when some skinny person say you that he does not enough blood to donate, do not take his bullshit.

I do not have enough blood

#2. They’ll take too much blood: Blood donation camps have professional doctors and they know their task well. Before accepting blood from any person, they firstly check if he is eligible to donate. After that, they take a unit or two pints of blood from a person. Our body has 10 pints of blood and as mentioned before within 56 days, the donated blood is replenished again. So, one who throws such lame excuses at you is probably a coward.

They’ll take too much blood

#3. I am afraid of needles: While some people are really afraid of needles, most of the people use it as an excuse not to donate blood. The needle in your hand may be slightly uncomfortable, but it is not painful. It is nothing as compared to the happiness you would feel after donating the blood. People who are afraid of needles cannot experience the proud we feel for helping hundreds of people.

 I am afraid of needles

#4. It doesn’t matter: Of course, it matters. Every drop of blood matters. Only a 5% of eligible people donate blood which is not sufficient. Blood banks often suffer a shortage of blood. The blood has a shelf-life too and after a 42-days, it is rendered useless. Even when a large number of people are donating blood, your blood matters. People who think otherwise are either ignorant or selfish.

 It doesn’t matter

#5. I do not have time: Such people are the worst kind. No one knows when someone may need blood. It is good to help others so, at the time of need, you can expect from them to help you in return. Think that you are helping your friend or family or neighbour. You just cannot be too busy.

I do not have time

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