Benefits Of Reading/Watching News On A Hindi News App


Benefits Of Reading/Watching News On A Hindi News App

This needs no mentioning that a lot happens every day in the country. It could be a minister’s visit or a singer’s musical show, carnivals, IPL matches, elections, rapes, accidents, attacks, fire, and whatnot. We feel confident when all these updates are at our fingertips via mobile apps and websites. But what’s also enticing is reading the latest news in Hindi on these apps and websites. 

Studies say that since the very beginning, most of the Indian population prefers to read news in Hindi, be it via a Hindi news channel, newspaper, or news app. This is because Hindi is the only conceivable language among 44% of Indians, and no other language is spoken by such a percentage. 

Shuru is an emerging platform that provides every-minute news through its website and app. Moreover, every piece of news is available in Hindi, so it gets easy for people to read and understand it. So, now it is easy to stay updated about what's happening in Bihar with the Bihar news available on the Shuru app.

Let us look at the other benefits the app offers.

Benefits Of Reading/Watching News On A Hindi News App

  • Firstly, since, Hindi is the simplest and most conceivable language in India, people can understand current affairs with ease.

  • Getting the latest news in Hindi removes the barriers of non-comprehension of the English language among a majority of the population. You might have seen people using Hindi as their smartphone language for ease and better understanding. The same is the case with Hindi news.

  • For those, who find English confusing to an extent that they could get puzzled about what’s right and what’s wrong, a medium offering Hindi news is highly comfortable. 

  • Businesses posting advertisements in newspapers find it highly effective to engage with the audience by using a language they can understand and act to. 

  • A majority of people lose interest as soon as they find out that the language is off their limits. In such cases, all they can do is rely on the news channels and lose access to the all-time available news apps.

  • With an app like Shuru, not just the audience gets to see/read the posted news but live telecasts too. So, if you’re interested to know about Patna’s live updates, you can easily visit Patna news live to see what’s happening at the moment.

Final Thoughts

It is time to make news reading easy, quick, and effective. Visit Shuru to check out the latest updates about different states and cities at your fingertips. 

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