Best Epoxies & Primers For The Corrosion Protection of Surfaces


Best Epoxies & Primers For The Corrosion Protection of Surfaces

IWL India is a leading supplier of epoxies, primers, and adhesives. When it comes to preventing surfaces from corrosion and corrosive environments, construction professionals trust brands like ours to source the best materials. Coal tar epoxy and zinc primer by IWL are among the most sought materials used to prevent surfaces from corrosion. These are indeed the first preference of professionals in the construction industry. 

But before sourcing these materials, it is important to understand these two materials a little. So, let us explore them and their benefits in the following section.

What are Coal Tar Epoxies?

Coal Tar Epoxies are surface protection polymers, made of epoxy resins and coal tar, preventing concrete and metal surfaces from corrosion. Industrial, petroleum, and offshore environments, which are prone to get affected by saltwater, chemicals, and other impactful substances, make use of coal tar epoxies. This is because they are solid coatings/paints that contain abilities to block moisture, which is what provides protection from corrosion.

Industries such as sewage, where there are pipelines, tanks, clarifiers, and other water treatment components, also make use of these epoxies. Further, these also find application in preventing the surfaces from microorganisms.

Advantages of Using Coal Tar Epoxies

Coal tar epoxy brings with them a number of benefits. Here are the most significant ones.

  • Epoxy coating is among the most useful and effective corrosion protection solutions. Hence, it is used in a majority of construction projects.

  • It is easy to apply on surfaces using sprays, brushes, and rollers. Once applied, it gives a semi-gloss to a matte finish to the surfaces. 

  • It is preferable for garages as it bonds excellently with surfaces that are oily and greasy. 

  • It also makes surfaces resistant to impact, abrasion, thermal shock, salt water, and chemicals.    

  • Epoxy succeeds in preventing surfaces from soil stress.

  • It also comes with self-priming features and provides sound adhesion in coatings and paints.

  • Once applied to the surface, epoxy offers robust surface protection for different industrial operations. 

  • Epoxies are also low-cost materials, hence can be effectively used in low-scale projects.

What are Zinc Primers?

Zinc rich primer finds application when it comes to protecting steel surfaces from corrosion. It is a chemical substance, which comprises powdered silver-white zinc metal, epoxies, and inorganic silicates, which together help protect the steel surfaces.

A number of industries make use of zinc primers as a primary coating to protect steel and iron from moisture, corrosion, and corrosive environments. When compared to regular paints, primers, and epoxies, zinc primers offer excellent resistance to corrosion. Regular epoxies and paints create corrosion protection by creating a barrier between moisture and metal. On the other hand, zinc primers do it using electrical means.

Advantages of Zinc Rich Primers

  • Zinc primers are the best fit for steel surfaces that prevent them from excessively corrosive environments. 

  • Immersive environments, found in marine systems, tankers, and other underground uses, can be benefitted using these primers.

  • Surroundings that are exposed to continuous moisture can be benefitted using zinc primers.

  • These coatings come in two ranges - organic and inorganic. Both ranges can provide long-lasting protection in corrosive environments. 

  • Zinc coatings are easy to apply and require either brush or roller to be applied on the surface.


Both zinc-rich coatings and coal tar epoxies are used to prevent surfaces from corrosive environments. IWL India is a proud manufacturer and supplier of high-quality primers, epoxies, and adhesives. To know more about the products, get in touch with us and get a free consultation. Also, share inquiries to fulfill the demands for your projects. Visit the website today.

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