Destination wedding Guide for your D-day memories


Destination wedding Guide for your D-day memories

Destination weddings are very close to our hearts. From the cinema movies to some favorite star weddings we always heard of and are fond of destination weddings. And talking about today, every 5 of 1 couple joins the new tradition for their D-day. 

To make the destination wedding more interesting, wedding planners and event planners come into their lively participation. Talking about the destination wedding planner in IndiaFiestro events is one such planner. This event planner helps in organizing unique and larger-than-life kinds of weddings for their clients. 

For your marriage, it is ideal that you hire a wedding planner. These planners help a lot to plan your wedding from scratch to the climax. Of course, the planning is very crucial and irksome, but trust me it saturates your ideal time. For the time being you can manage other priority stuff. As wedding planners are experts that means you can easily pull your baggage onto their shoulders. 

However, planning to hire an event or D-day planner is not a one-moment task. You should better take some time and then decide which wedding planner fits your expectations. 

In this blog, we mention a few of the ideal tips which are important for you to consider. 

  • Decide your budget first

Budget is the only thing that can make your marriage go with planning. If you have a well-efficient budget then your wedding essentials and overall things can manage as per the planning. Wedding planners have limitations in money, if the client has an easy hands-on budget, then wedding wows are more organized. 

  • Choose the destination

The destination should be planned as per the concept of your wedding. For a quick review, you can visit any wedding planner website like Fiestro, where you can access tons of destinations for your wedding. Pick and plan one or discuss with the wedding planner that matches your thinking. 

  • Consult with a wedding planner 

A wedding planner is an expert who has been organizing plenty of weddings before. His expert guidance could help you a lot. Before hiring a unique and skilled wedding planner you can consult with them. 

  • Final the guest list 

You are planning for your wedding, the next important and ideal thing for you is to arrange the guest list. Finalizing the guest list is a typical thing, you can confuse between whom to pick and whom to not. Place the wedding guest first in the list, who are closest to you. Then place those who are important for the wedding event. Third on the list would be your colleagues, far relatives, whose presence makes your D- day more bright. 

  • Final the theme and outfits 

The theme should be second on the list. The theme should be matched with the destination. Both are mutually existing in pairs. As you decide on the destination, pick a theme which is matched your culture. 

Suppose you are fond of the Shahi and Rajwadi wedding, then pick the grand marigold theme. Marigold theme mandap gives a wow feeling to your antique shahi wedding. 

But if you have a mind for lavish and picturesque weddings then, floral vintage mandap is a great option for you. The white lavender flowers are ideal for the destination and outfit for D-day. 


Weddings are a lifetime memory for us. Everyone wants to make it perfect and ideal. For more details, about weddings and planning, you can connect with Fiestro events. Fiestro Events is known as a top 10 wedding planner in india.

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