Free Ways To Make Money Online With No Investment At All


Free Ways To Make Money Online With No Investment At All

With no investment at all, you can earn a lot of money online. If you love to read, knowing about new things, like to collect information from various sources and pen down your thoughts then Blogging is your cup of tea. You must have read that its simple and cheap to start your own blog but you must be somewhere afraid of quitting on your full-time job & starting off on your own. 

Blogging definitely needs your consistency but it has a number of benefits that your regular job might not have. 

It facilitates you to

1. Work from home in your comfort

2. Travel around the world whenever you want

3. Be financially independent 

4. Have flexible working time

5. Write as per your interest

6. Become an authority in your industry

And more. 

You can make your blog productive by updating it regularly and marketing it rigorously. It’s definitely a time taking the process and hence to earn money meanwhile you can rely on a number of options. 

How to pick projects? From where to get multiple options!

Internet is bliss and is the need of the day. If you have a flair of writing and communicating well then internet is filled up with a plethora of opportunities. If you have additional abilities like marketing, project management, coding or client handling then the opportunities definitely add up to the list. There is the number of freelancing website on which work from home can be carried out. These can become a regular source of income for you because projects get uploaded in a number of over 500 per hour. The two biggest examples are Upwork and Freelancer. 

Upwork: If not Upwork, you must have heard about Elance (Order name of Upwork). It bridges the gap between employers and freelancers. Hundreds of projects get uploaded over Upwork hourly related to various industry lines and technologies. It gives you an extensive amount of 70+ categories to choose your skills from. You can start with basic jobs and once the reputation is built up, you can switch to high wage projects that will give you a long term relief from the headache of picking projects. The website has facilitated freelancers with a search box wherein the user can easily search for the type of job he/she is looking for. According to your profile and category up work also recommends jobs to you. In all, it is a great platform to make instant money. 

Freelancer: It is easy and quick to start picking projects from Freelancer if you know exactly which field would you like to go for. It has over 500 projects uploaded within an hour and it’s pretty much easy to choose from such a big list. Right? Once you have chosen a project, you can send your proposal and if the employer gets impressed, he/she can come for a one to one conversation with you. There, you need to impress him/her further with your knowledge and suggestions. After you get selected and hired, you can start working on the project and earn money. If it is a long term project, then there can be nothing better than this. 

Build your Portfolio & get money in your pocket by pitching Guest Post

If you have a flair and passion to write then have no hesitation to bring it in front of the world. We are here talking about the really high traffic and good authority website wherein you can apply for guest post. If you post gets approved, then you will have a wonderful link added to your portfolio and you will also have money in your pocket. You can check out the list of websites that welcome guest posts. 

Quick Guide: If you do not know what guest blogging is all about then read the below quick guide. 

Guest blogging is when you post your blog over other websites. Writers have to pitch certain topics to the guest blogging sites and if they get approved, the article gets published but it has to comply with the guidelines of the site. 

Quick tip: If you have successfully reached onto the good website and you want to write for it then first read their content and understand the flow and format of writing. This would help you to craft a more personal pitch and it increases your chances of getting allowed to publish. 

Some of the websites pay for traffic i.e. your post should get a lot a number of shares and likes whereas others might pay just for the content. 

Sign up with a content website

Hundreds of content websites take birth in a day and to make them run well, they need to be updated on a regular basis with a good amount of content. That’s where the opportunity lies for you. You can sign up with them and pick the topic of your interest. They might provide you with some keywords that you need to use in your article/blog in the right percentage. These sites generally provide you with a weekly task list and at the end of the week, you can get paid. Some also keep monthly based cycle or some might have other salary structure. Check out the list of the best website that can pay you instantly

Write for the Alumni magazine

This can be an interesting work to pick. Your alumni magazine needs content and if you are a former student, they will prefer to hire you since you already know about them more than anyone else. You can consider sending them a very compelling idea by reading the guidelines and knowing about a few back issues. For example, You can interview the pass-outs who are doing really well and inspiring work in their lives.  

Get into Affiliate marketing

Does the term seem scary? If you are not aware of it, Affiliate marketing is a method through which you can promote a service or a product to your blog audience. Once you apply for it, you get a link to promote that service/product over social media or your blog. If any purchase it made through that link then you get a good commission. The easiest and most accessible example is the Amazon affiliate program. They have a plethora of products that can be promoted.  This program was devised in 1996 and Amazon was the first one to come up with something like this. 

Apart from being a giant in the online shopping industry, Amazon also offers one of the best ways to make money online.  

I will come up with some of the benefits that have been driving this program successfully. 

a. It is reliable because Amazon is already a brand well known in selling high-quality products online.

b. The commission you get if you are successful in getting anyone purchase their products is 4%to 15% which is a good amount. 

c. You can also get money for the further sales made by that particular customer at that time because if someone enters Amazon once then it is tough to check out with just one product. People generally end up buying multiple things. 

d. According to the volume scale system, you get more rate of commission if you offer more items. 

In all, this program is known for its simplicity. You do not have to work much. You just need to work upon spreading that link and once the purchase is made, you have money in your account which is very exciting because practically you did nothing. People also do it as a side business because it does not consume much of your time. Amazon does not leave any chances in becoming the mastermind. It has people all over the world to market its products and with the ability to keep them connected and benefit them, it is retaining those people. 

Are you good at anything else? 

If you are able to get the pattern then you must have realized by now that in order to make a good amount of money, you need to be good at multiple things. For example, if you get a long term client or may a person that finds you reliable then along with getting content from your side, he might also want you to do marketing for them which takes into the picture- SEO i.e. Search engine optimization, Social media optimization and advertising, email marketing, banner designing and more. 

So, you need to brainstorm and find your other skills then you can probably offer a collective quote for everything you do. 

Would you like to manage the accounts of your favorite bloggers?

Do you follow bloggers online? Has there been anyone whose reach is in thousands, do you think that they must be getting time to reply to messages, post comments, blog reviews, etc.? Certainly not! You can approach such people and handle their work. If you do it efficiently for some days then might be you get a lifetime opportunity to work with them for their future ventures as well. Just like cold pitching, it is effective! You can consider dropping an email to them and if they reply it's well and good and if not, there is no harm to you, just move on and approach another. 

Have you forgotten where we started from? It’s your Blog! 

Let people advertise on your blog. If you find the above things useful for yourself, then while doing all that, you must also be working on to your blog and able to get some traffic. Through this traffic, you can let people come and advertise on your website. Now how to do that?

a. If you have a database of subscribers, you can send them an email or newsletter if they would like to place their ads on your blog or if you are related to a specific industry then you can take out the list of businesses yourself who might show interest in advertising their services on your website. You can mail them and if they show interest, you can give them additional benefits like placing their link on one of your blogs. 

b. You can indulge into link exchange through which if you are connected with a good site then it's a positive factor for the search engine to consider you deserving for high ranks. 

c. You can go for listicle posts on which you can write about 10 or May 25 best things. For example, if you have tech blog then you can write about ‘Top 10 best utility apps in the market at present’ so before publishing it, you can approach different apps in the market and ask them if they would like to advertise themselves on to the list. 

d. Have you heard about Google Adsense? From the day, bloggers start their blog, they work according to the webmaster guidelines so that they can achieve Google Adsense account and take its advantage. It has a lot of perks. If have reached a good amount of traffic then there is no one stopping you from earning thousands of dollars in a month. Having an AdSense account means you are allowing Google to publish various ads on your website. There is no more any headache of searching for advertisers in this case. You can see the ads of big brands running on your blog. It is not hard as well to sign up. Initially, you get a lot of tutorials of how to start off and manage the account. There are excellent ad formats provided by Google through which you can show Ads as per the available space in the website. There is a good facility in the adsense that it shows the ads that are relevant to the content of the page so that your website visitor does not get to see a Sony TV on an article about heart patients. Most importantly, it's a trustworthy source of money. 

e. Do sponsored content on your blog or even on your social media. Consider that you have just delivered a baby and you also know that there has been a new brand came into the market selling out baby products. You can market them via your blog or maybe social media. If you have a good reach on any of these mediums then definitely they will give you regular work and it’s not a big task. You just have to review their product. Does not matter, you use them or not.

Offer video tutorials

You are good at writing. Right? Then, spend time in making people learn about it. How did you start off and what opportunities are there in this arena? 2019 is all about video marketing and the buzz is definitely not going anywhere. Videos have now been considered as most engaging out of content and podcasts. Initially, you might need some good equipment to shoot but once it’s done, consider that you are in the race and can lead if you do it with your interest. Through this, you might get a chance to connect with the people who might want to offer you good to handle their work. Video is a great medium and gives you a lot of recognition as well.  

Apart from having a lot of options on the internet, do not forget that you do have plenty of opportunities offline as well. We consider that the digital landscape has evolved a lot of but do not forget our roots where we started from. It’s not so bad to go local even now. Anywhere you go, maybe Gym or a clinic, ask if they have a website and if they are in the need of content and marketing for better reach. 

This era is full of opportunities. You will be surprised to know that there are around 305  million startups open annually and the same produce a lot of job opportunities. You just need one out of them to give you enough of business. As you do this work, keep nurturing your blog and spend in its advertising and marketing to make it a sole source to rely upon. Does not matter, if you have a college degree or just a high school diploma, there are plenty of legitimate things you can do out there to make instant money. Of all the mediums shared above in the blog, most of them focus on their writing skills but others are related to marketing as well. So along with writing, marketing is the key thing that you should be aware of. You cannot just write and sit waiting for someone to take that copy from you and read that. You have to spread it so well that people open it and then it depends upon the content where they stay and convert or not. These are the methods for quick relief while you are in debt or maybe you have to be at home for the baby care. 

We would love to listen back on more innovative ways to earn money online from all the readers. You are most welcomed to come and contribute in the comment section. 

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