Green Masonry for Mother Earth on her Birthday


Green Masonry for Mother Earth on her Birthday

Green Masonry for Mother Earth on her Birthday

Hello, earthlings! Wish you a very happy earth day. What gift can you give to your mother earth today? A promise to protect her, a promise to not throw litter all over or a promise to keep her clean? Well, it is great if you can fulfill these promises. Here we have our gift idea- a green masonry. While roof gardens are becoming common nowadays, we have come up with an absolute charmer- green brickwork. Let us know in detail.

The inspiration behind the idea

While all the masonry materials like bricks, concrete, and marble have some negative impacts on the environment and earth, it would be the greatest achievement to reduce such destruction. Since the introduction of natural gas-fired kilns, the construction materials can be recycled. When the old material can be recycled and used for construction again, there would be no open dumping and thus, only one thing is left- eco-friendliness.

Need of Green masonry

The environment is affected negatively not only during the production of bricks but while transporting, distributing, building and disposing of too. One thing is permanent in this world i.e. need for space to live and that demands the construction of houses. We need green masonry because this way we will not destroy our land while building our houses.

Since many buildings on this earth are hundreds of years old, they are registered as heritage buildings, they are not going to go soon. If these buildings are made up of stone or any other thing, it is acceptable, but bricks are another story. When a brick is manufactured, it is taken into consideration that it withstand the tests of the time. Thus, a lot of energy is invested in its manufacturing. Thus, if we want a building to stand next hundred of years, more energy is utilized for the construction of bricks. We cannot afford more energy, hence green masonry is the next revolution.

What can be done?

Green House

Green masonry does not mean that you are painting your house green or you are growing plants in your house, green masonry means that the bricks that you are using are eco-friendly. They are recycled and energy utilized in its production is less than that of manufacturing it from the scratch.

Since, the bricks can be used for years of time, when an old building collapses or is deliberately demolished, a lot of life still remains inside the bricks. These bricks are reutilized in the construction of some other building. The bricks which are useless for construction are crushed and used somewhere else.

One thing that we can do is limit the wastage of bricks while transporting and construction. They should be transported under expert’s supervision. They should be placed inside a shed or covered area to reduce the breakage and destruction due to rain.


So, green masonry is nothing but the wise use of bricks which are otherwise harmful to our mother earth. No matter how much a brick cost, no matter if you can invest in buying more bricks, always opt for brick recycling because brick recycling means less production of bricks and which means safer earth and safer us.

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